WWW.RAF.ORG - Providing donated flowers to lonely seniors in hospitals across the midwest

WWW.SOLVEHUNGERTODAY.ORG - We CAN and WILL solve extreme poverty in our lifetime

WWW.GLENWOODLIFECENTER.ORG - Community outreach centers across Long Island New York

WWW.OPPORTUNITY.ORG - Providing micro finance small business loans in third world countries

WWW.UNPOVERTY.ORG - An incredible story of one man's journey from white American Affluence to understanding

WWW.HEYJOEWHADDYAKNOW.COM - Joe Babiak's amazing reflective blog about breaking down and rebuilding ourselves new

WWW.CRAS.EDU - Get an audio engineering degree in 12 months from the coolest people we know

WWW.DREAMBODYCUISINE.COM - Delicious home delivered pre-prepared meals in the New York City area

WWW.EMPIRERESTORATIONNYC.COM - Honest and talented construction in NYC. Licensed and insured

WWW.ROCKYOURBODY.FITNESS - She's toured with them all from Motley Crue to Ozzy and her book on how to live healthy is amazing

WWW.UAM.ORG - United Adult Ministries brings not for profit services to seniors in Queens NY

WWW.JOSHUALUTZMUSIC.COM - One of NYC's best kept secrets, Josh has worked with Maroon 5, Al Green and Roots. His solo stuff is rad

WWW.SALTZINE.COM - you're here dummy

WWW.CLUBMANCYCLES.COM - Custom cafe racers made by, well, us!

WWW.RANDOMACTSOFSONGS.ORG - Providing music and love to seniors and underprivileged children all over NYC

WWW.KAKEMULTIMEDIA.COM - Chicago's premier Multi-media company for hire

WWW.CREATIVITYNY.COM - NYC's premier Multi-media company for hire


Salt zine is proudly sponsored by Creativity NY LLC. in NYC. They have designed graphics for Virgin Records, T-Mobile and even Al Green, Chamillionaire and Joss Stone. Check them out by clicking the logo or playing an ocerina at midnight on leapyear during a full moon.

Random Acts Of Songs is a not for profit organization that offers live music for free to those who need it most. Over the last few years their founder has performed at over 500 nursing homes, orphanages and group homes in and around New York City. Click the logo to visit them today!