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  • fashion, music, art, culture, science and quantum physics
  • band, venue and restaurant reviews
  • wildly creative and eccentric
  • exquisitely eclectic and diverse themes
  • poignant themes with incredible illustration
  • not afraid to tackle the taboo human stories


We have an exclusive partnership with the NYC MTA magazine vendors and the news stand chains in and around the New York City area.

In a market flooded with indie zines, it's hard to find one that contains diverse articles to keep you entertained (and equally hard to find one of consistent quality). Salt Zine is primarily distributed throughout the MTA Transit systems underground for only $1 so our audience base finds themselves with nothing in hand and nothing to do for an hour or so but to read our zine! It's as if we have tapped into a world where we literally hold captive the attention of our consumers for an entire hour. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, our zine is read by hundreds of thousands of city dwellers each and every day. These are people shaping American culture and global business. These are Americas elite workforce and creative minds reading YOUR ad space.

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