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We have an exclusive partnership with the NYC MTA and the newstand chains in and around the New York City area.

In a market flooded with indie zines, it's hard to find one that contains diverse articles to keep you entertained for hours (and equally hard to find one of consistent quality). Salt Zine is primarily distributed throughout the MTA Transit systems underground for only $1 so our audience base finds themselves with nothing in hand and nothing to do for an hour (or so) but to read our zine! It's as if we have tapped into a world where we literally hold captive the attention of our consumers for an entire hour. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, our zine is read by hundreds of thousands of city dwellers each and every day.

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Join a workforce of incredibly talented, dedicated, industrious, and creative people. 

who we are

Looking to add graphic design or writing to your portfolio? Have an issue you think the world needs to know about? How does 10,000 a month into the hands of New York City's elite business men and women and artists alike? Salt Zine is a unique conduit with a massive audience of eclectic dynamics.  Salt Zine is:

"Answer to no one but the truth." At first blush this may seem quite presumptious, as if we know what truth is and are here to spell it out for our audience but no. Quite the opposite.

I know of certain allures, I've been romanced by the stray and even the darkness at times myself but I have seen the ways of the light  which brings joy and evil that brings suffering. Our fight is to bring light to the darkness and snuff it out. We choose love over suffering. We write about truth, that which is both comforting and uncomfortable, knowing that exploration will bring us all to a higher understanding of ourselves and all things. Cause wisdom is dope.

Salt magazine is a device of justice. We don't believe in anti-war rallies, we believe in peace rallies. We don't believe in angry protests, we believe in fundraisers and the power of non profits around the world, working together to bring real life change and hope. We believe in forgiveness and honesty, even when it is uncomfortable. Salt Magazine exists to preserve that which is good in the world as salt has done since the very mineral was discovered by human kind.

Humans have long since used salt as a preservative just as we are a preservative of truth and hope. Salt is used to bring out flavors and tastes in foods too, just as Salt Zine exists to do. Got a great story? Let's hear about it! Share your stories and comments on our facebook page HERE!

We continue publishing to remind ourselves the difference between the glamor of evil and frivolity and time wasted on what is unimportant and the fight that is happening all around you against it. Stay vigilant, stay honest to yourself and others, stay positive through adversity and stay strong in your suffering. We are here for YOU.  We are you. You are not alone, not at all. You are surrounded by us and our love for you. Take care of each other.

If you or someone you know is interested in writing or illustrating for Salt Zine, contact or visit our social media link. Contact us and let's make something beautiful. May God bless you and your families and may our river coexist in the ocean of belief and perspective.

Cole - Assignment Editor, Designer

Joshua - Creative Director, Designer

Joespeh - Contributing Editor

Stryder - Associate Editor

JB - Assignment Editor

Mya - Designer

Hollie - Proofreader, Contributing Editor

Please use general contact to reach us.

  • fashion, music, art, culture, science and quantum physics
  • band, venue and restaurant reviews
  • wildly creative and eccentric
  • exquisitely eclectic and diverse themes
  • poignant themes with incredible illustration
  • not afraid to tackle the taboo human stories